& Catering

Set up your conference room as needed

Rooms at the D4 Business Village Luzern are individually equipped according to the wishes of each client. We offer tailored solutions going far beyond standard items, such as theatre, block- and u-shaped seating arrangements, flipcharts, whiteboards and beamers to audio and video systems.


The D4’s two restaurants offer a wide and balanced Range of Catering for every Occasion. From the exclusive Business Lunch over the Choice of the Menu up to the Coffee Break, you get coveted everything what your Heart desires.


All Prices in CHF excl. 7.7% VAT. Prices Subject to Change.

Offer technic/equipment Price per day Price per halfday Remarks
Projector with optional dual projection (Event Room, Giga/Exa)
CHF 100.00
CHF 60.00
Projector (Other rooms)
CHF 70.00
CHF 40.00
ClickShare (All rooms)
CHF 10.00
CHF 5.00
Headsets, microphones (Event Room, Giga/Hekto/Exa)
CHF 120.00
CHF 70.00
Event Room only whole day
Microphones per piece (Event Room, Giga/Hekto/Exa)
CHF 30.00
Interpreter booth monolingual (Event Room)
CHF 700.00
Technology only excl. interpreter
Whispering system (up to 20 people)
CHF 300.00
Additional people upon request
Presentation screen on wheels (Other rooms)
CHF 50.00
Event Room/Giga/Hekto incl.
Flip chart on wheels (All rooms)
CHF 15.00
Pinboard on wheels (All rooms)
CHF 15.00
Presentation kit (All rooms)
CHF 15.00
LAN connection incl. installation (Other rooms)
CHF 98.00
Event Room/Giga Exa/Tera incl.
WLAN (All rooms)
Free of charge
Notebook rental (All rooms)
CHF 70.00
CHF 40.00
Conference phone (All rooms)
CHF 70.00
CHF 40.00
Incl. installation
In-room telephone line (Exclusive call fees)
Billing hours/min.
Copy service A3/A4 / coloured/bw (All rooms)
Price according to expenditure
Parking ticket/1 day (All rooms)
CHF 9.30
Per piece
Offer support Price per day Price per halfday Remarks
Event technician on site
On request
Evening supplement staff (All rooms)
CHF 100.00
Per evening
Saturdays / holiday extra charge (All rooms)
+ 20%
excl. catering
Offer catering Price per person / day Price per person / halfday Price per person Remarks
Mineral water 0.5l PET in the room
CHF 3.70
Per piece
Orange juice 1.0l glass bottle
CHF 10.20
Coffee & baked goods
CHF 10.20
CHF 5.10
Per person
Coffee & mineral water 0.5l PET
CHF 14.00
CHF 7.00
Per person
Coffee & mineral water 0.5l PET & baked goods
CHF 19.50
CHF 9.75
Per person
Coffee break package morning
CHF 13.45
Per person – Coffee/tea, 0.5l mineral water, fruit juice, croissants/breads, fruits & chocolate
Coffee break package afternoon
CHF 13.45
Per person – Coffee/tea, 0.5l mineral water, fruit juice, pastries, variations of fruits & nuts
CHF 23.20
CHF 11.60
Per person – Mini cheese cake, Caramel popcorn, Hello-chocolate, coffee/mineral water
CHF 32.50
CHF 16.25
Per person – Freshly cut pineapple, yoghurt with honey and mango, nut variation, cranberry bar (vegan & glutenfree), orange- & multivitamin juice, coffee/mineral water
Self-service lunch
CHF 18.60
Per person – Main course, incl. softdrink
Business lunch served
CHF 35.30 - 44.55
Per person – 3 course menu
Sandwich lunch
CHF 15.30
Pro person – 1 sandwich, small mixed salad, chocolate, fruit & 0.5l mineral water
Standing lunch/ Standing Aperitif (According to offer)
Per person, on request